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The Shockingly Late Nova 18 Megapost

The road to Nova this year has been long and rough, and at a couple of demos have stumbled in their journey to the big screen. No matter, we’ve put out a metric ton of music and art instead.

Swirly Dome by Deltafire, photography competition

Swirly Dome by Deltafire, photography competition


Year in review part 3: It’s not part 3, it’s a Patarty yeah

Happy Christmas you gits, this Amiga demo by Mrs Beanbag will cure you of any annoying festive earworms you might have stuck in your head.

All I want for Christmas is Pou -et

Year in review part 2: NOVA tunes!

We entered a load of lovely music at NOVA this year, and hopefully it’s all in this playlist…

Bex put her tune together a while ago, though this is the first time it’s seen the light of day. Deathboy plays a ravey little number. Shinkansen was Aldroid’s first attempt at a streaming music entry, using Clinkster, and it placed first in that category. Mrs Beanbag’s entry is only the second most infectious song she inflicted on us at NOVA. More on that in a future blog post.

Noob Lab 1

Noob Lab is a showreel for us to try out new stuff, or to get us making things when we’re feeling unmotivated, without worrying about being demo-quality. Or at least that’s the plan. This showreel is by bex and aldroid.

Year in review part 1: Wifftro

Released for Nova, this was a spectacular compilation of Crypt’s shader skills, with a 4klang tune by Aldroid. There was more than a little partycoding involved, but isn’t there always?

I like to pouet pouet

Slipstock 2017

Slipstock logo

A Demoscene themed weekend in the north Penines. Featuring walking, demos and whatever you normally get up to in the north Penines.

There will likely be turntables and some fun in the evening, so bring vinyl or other tunes to add to the atmosphere.

Price depends on number of people who come, likely to be around £50 per person for the weekend.

For those of you who want to come by public transport, lifts are available from Penrith if you tell us. If you’re coming by train, try to arrive some other time than saturday night because drivers will be partying too.

If you’re interested in hanging out with the wonderful people of the UK demoscene, check out our Facebook Event, log on to IRCNet and message crypt, or just send us a message using the comments section below.


Eggsemm Renoise to XM converter

If you like composing in Renoise, but you want to save modules that are a little less DAW-like, you might want to consider our wonderful new tool by aldroid (which would be me).

Get it here!  (And fix our source code, if you’re that way inclined)

At least one other tool exists that exports Renoise modules to FastTracker XM format, but I couldn’t figure out how to get it to compile on a mac so I wrote my own. It’s extremely limited, it needs a lot of tweaking after export, but if you don’t have any other alternatives it’s better than a poke in the face.

Stuff it currently does:

  • Exports patterns
  • Exports volume levels
  • Exports single-sample instruments correctly, and multi-sample instruments badly

Stuff that’s currently broken:

  • Tuning. Oh boy I made a mess of that
  • Effect columns. Nope, couldn’t be bothered
  • Error reporting. Sometimes something’s just broken

This exporter is provided under the MIT license. It’s effectively abandonware, I have better things to do than maintain this little plugin, but I would gladly accept pull requests from anyone that wants to fix any of the million things that are wrong, to make effects work nicely or tune the instruments in a sensible way.

Interested?  Try it!

Bus Noise

On Pouet

Amstrad CPC 4mb demo: Aha – Take on me (8bit)

On Pouet

How Does This Work Again? ZX, Sundown 2014