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Year in review part 3: It’s not part 3, it’s a Patarty yeah

Happy Christmas you gits, this Amiga demo by Mrs Beanbag will cure you of any annoying festive earworms you might have stuck in your head. All I want for Christmas is Pou -et

Year in review part 2: NOVA tunes!

We entered a load of lovely music at NOVA this year, and hopefully it’s all in this playlist… Bex put her tune together a while ago, though this is the first time it’s seen the light of day. Deathboy plays a ravey little number. Shinkansen was Aldroid’s first attempt at a streaming music entry, using…

Noob Lab 1

Noob Lab is a showreel for us to try out new stuff, or to get us making things when we’re feeling unmotivated, without worrying about being demo-quality. Or at least that’s the plan. This showreel is by bex and aldroid.

Bus Noise

On Pouet

Amstrad CPC 4mb demo: Aha – Take on me (8bit)

On Pouet

How Does This Work Again? ZX, Sundown 2014

Sundance, CPC, Sundown 2014

Depixol, Atari 8 bit, Sundown 2014

Sundown 2013 by TCM, Sundown 2013

One One Zero by Nativ, Sundown 2013